Help us celebrate the launch of the newest startups from Rice University’s OwlSpark and University of Houston’s RED Labs!

Join us for the Seventh Annual Bayou Startup Showcase on Thursday, August 6, 2020 where Class 8 founders will showcase their summer progress.


1:45 PM – Hopin Platform Opens

2:00 PM – Welcoming Remarks

2:05 PM – Startup Pitches

3:15 PM – Closing Remarks

3:20 PM – Roundtable Sessions

3:30 PM – Showcase Opens

4:30 PM – Event Concludes

*For a second glance, check out the startup pitches in the Expo from until 8:00 PM.



Ai-Ris is developing a low-cost retina imaging system to enable screenings for eye diseases in underserved communities.

website  |  email


BitGrange is a text-based mobile app that enables farmers to establish an online marketplace for nearby consumers.

website  |  email


Bloodhound is a surgical imaging software that locates bleeding vessels and enables surgeons to more precisely respond to complications.



CareSafe is an automatic home monitoring system that detects falls and provides immediate assistance.

website  |  email

Crew Trace Systems

Crew Trace Systems developed an RFID personnel tracking solution for use by the US Navy.

website  |  email


dext provides dynamic extension braces that help patients more quickly recover dexterity after an injury.

website  |  email


Dividends360 is a web-based platform that streamlines managing an investor’s portfolio allowing them to earn more income with less effort.

website  |  email


ElastEye built an advanced medical screening tool that can detect earlier progression of ocular diseases before vision is degraded.

website  |  email


EVA is an ultrasound needle guide that achieves safe, reliable, and exact vascular access.

website  |  email

FirstGen Solutions

First Gen Solutions is a pharmaceutical research tool that detects early neural development defects caused by medications.

website  |  email


FreeFuse is an interactive social video platform that enables content creators to make videos where viewers can participate.

website  |  email


MoodyCorium customizes skincare that is as unique as a fingerprint.

website  |  email

Morpheus Health

Morpheus Health offers greater clarity around the medication selection process enabling patients to more easily understand potential side effects.

website  |  email


nisa EFFECT alleviates menopausal hot flashes with a wearable cooling bra.

website  |  email

Phase Filter

Phase Filter is an automatically changing air filter for residential HVAC systems, helping you breathe with ease all year long.

website  |  email


VAYL is creating the next generation toothbrush, a mouthguard-like design that allows for a hands-free thorough brush of all areas of your teeth in 30 seconds.

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